Event ReviewsHocico/Absynthe of Faith/Missfit Toys(Event Review]

Anthony McDonoughMay 23, 2022

After two years, it is safe to say that the industrial scene is back in Pittsburgh at a venue that is very conductive to that experience. Black Forge Coffee House II – McKees Rocks is a venue that I mostly experienced with their coffee and various markets they have hosted. I can safely say it makes for a very awesome and intimate live music venue as well.

Distortion Productions owner Jim Semonik made the smart decision to not only bring a trio of bands he did but in choosing a new home base for his shows as well. After hyping us up for the show as well as future shows to come, it was time for the the madness to begin.

Absynthe of Faith was the first band to play, and for only one man doing vocals, guitar work, etc, he did a pretty good at getting the show starting off strong. It did not take long for him to get the crowd moving, and he had a surprise guest with the drummer from Missfit Toys helping provide him backing beats.

After that, Missfit Toys took the stage to introduce us to their brand of twisted melodies. They had a pretty good stage presence and their set was pretty intense. I will say it is not every day you see someone playing a synth on a swing. They kept the crowd hot and they played some bangers.

Then it was the moment everyone was waiting for. Hocico ended the night and I was surprised the roof was still there after his set was over. It was first experience seeing him live, and I was left very pleased afterwards. He played most of famous hits from his library, and during the last moments, he brought on Absynthe of Faith and the lead singer of Missfit Toys to assist him on a song. After some hype from Jim Semonik to get the crowd hungry for more, he gave us an encore to close the night on a very high note.

I follow a lot of music, and I will say there are those that have that draw to make you continue to support and be a fan. What Jim Semonik does for the industrial music industry with Distortion Productions is a prime example, and I feel proud to be able to experience that. They are nearing 200 shows, and the fact he said he felt inspired to continue beyond that made me very happy. The next show he has scheduled is for Friday May 27th at Black Forge Coffee House II which will feature Street Cleaner, Moris Blak, and Watch Out For Snakes. Also stay tuned for the 200th show, which was announced to take place July 22nd. More details to come of that in the future.