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Gaming and Music are two worlds that constantly collide in the best of ways, and Demo Demon lives in both. So what does a rap artist do when he’s got some time on his hands? Well… he creates a podcast to bring you the latest gaming news of course! From the latest releases to the craziest gaming news (Doom can be played on a pregnancy test??), Demo is helping to bridge the gap between the industry we know and the ways we spend our downtime – with a little collaboration between the companies he works for – Brutal Business Entertainment and First Angel Media.

Check out the BBE Discord Channel and keep up with the latest, and sometimes craziest (Doom can be played on a pregnancy test??) gaming news right here on FAM – There’s much more to come!

Need the links for what’s mentioned in this article? Scroll down or check out the episode on Demo Demon – Music, Gaming & Tech

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