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Marilyn MonroevilleOctober 12, 2022

When the heavy metal band Prey for Nothing happened upon my computer screen, I was immediately hooked on the name alone. I soon found out that the kick-a$$ metal name was hardly the coolest thing they were bringing to the table. Their sound is delightfully diverse and powerful, and they quickly became a new addition to my daily mix. These cats aren’t at all new to the scene though. Based out of Israel, they’ve been “beating around the bush” since 2006.

Their newest 9 track album, Kivshan, was released into the world last May. This one is an absolute banger beginning to end.

Their opening track, “Angels of Atheism“, starts things off with an enormous bang.  The moment this song starts, the guitar will have you flinging your head around until you get whiplash. The music video they released with it is incredibly sick, too. They just seem like such genuinely cool dudes. Heavy metal mayhem, no frills. Check it out for yourself:

Another track I’m really into is “Oceans of Tar“, which is third on the lineup. The scream vocals on these hit so great, it’s that “unearthly creature” feel that I’m absolutely obsessed with. The drums on this track could probably kill someone. I’m not sure how their drummer made it out of the studio alive. There’s this incredibly long, but not at all too long, guitar solo towards the end that literally takes you into outer space.  It’s like being thrown in another dimension. It’s just so nuts!

The last 4 tracks are a part 1-4 of  a master track called “The Pinnacle”.  I love this concept. Each one brings a different flavor and feel, and the 4 together create one incredible musical story. Part 4, entitled “Sod“, wraps things up with a bone-crushing hailstorm of drum and guitar that is going to leave you wanting more (once you’re out of the ICU).

Kivshan is an absolute must-listen for anyone who likes heavy metal, hard rock, or good things in general. Check it out and follow Prey for Nothing to keep up with their madness!

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