ArticlesHalf-Covered Halloween part 7.1: OZZFEST

Jess ZoricOctober 23, 2022

Some Die Nameless, a well-respected, loved, and even adored promoter team in Pittsburgh presented a 7th round of their “Half-Covered Halloween” show tradition. This year was a little different than in years past, though. They have split the event into two, each having a specific theme. On October 22nd, round one went down at Ormsby Ave Cafe and Outdoor Stage. The theme was Ozzfest, and the participating bands did not disappoint in bringing this to life.

The night started off swinging with Fall off the Earth with their “half-cover” of Hatebreed. Now, disclaimer, I don’t know that much about Hatebreed. (I know, boo Jessica.) But what I heard on that stage made me want to kick a stranger in the face. I feel like that’s the vibe, and I’m here for it. Fall off the Earth has this unbelievable energy and stage presence. Their self-titled EP just came out, and you should give it a listen if you like nice things.

Kid Durango as Deftones hit the stage next. This was my first time seeing them – I actually had a friend text me to tell me that I was going to love these guys. CORRECT. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say they are a better Deftones than Deftones. I said what I said. They brought me back to high school in one of the only positive ways it’s possible to do such a thing. They’re fun and awesome and also they are my friends now, weather they want to be or not. Too bad.

Up next came Anxiety at Best as Papa Roach (or should I say, Mama Roach.) These people are going places. They have so much joy and passion in what they do, always. The cherry on top is that they’re unbelievably supportive of the scene and are always lifting others up with them on their journey. Their set killed, as their sets always do. I can’t wait to buy their Rolling Stone issue and tell my friends that I knew them back in the day.

Then I had to do some stuff, of course with God Hates Unicorns as Primus. It’s hard to review yourself so I wont, other than to just mention that we are the absolute greatest band of all time in the history of the world.

Up after us, Trainwrecked as SLIPKNOT came out. Gang. This was a next-level experience. They had the full get-up, masks and all. The sound was phenomenal. The presence was outrageous. And then, they started lighting things on fire. The crowd ignited. It was so exciting and so intense that I didn’t get my own personal pictures of things I’d have liked to. Half because I was too busy enjoying the show, half safety concern. But for real, I could not love these guys any more.

The Sneaky Heat Missiles as Rob Zombie were the next to take the stage. This was the horn-y-est version of Rob Zombie I ever heard in my life. (Get it, horns? Because they are a ska band?) They took some of my favorite songs and gave them a twist that only those Stinky Meat Whistles could pull off. They were such an absolute presence and were so much fun. I know the words to their songs as much as I know Rob Zombie, so I had a grand time singing along to the whole ordeal. If you haven’t checked them out yet, PLEASE DO.

THEN. My goodness. The Filthy Lowdown was Limp Bizkit. My whole body is in pain writing this article because of them. Their Limp Bizkit is an absolute experience, and the entire crowd went insane. Myself included. I have never wanted to “Break Stuff” more in my entire adolescent life than I did that evening. I had never seen or heard them before, but I am an instant fan. Like, the kind of fan you don’t even really want because they like you TOO MUCH. That kind of fan. I was absolutely blown away by their stage show and I will be seeing them again very soon.

The Slobberknockers as Ozzy / Black Sabbath very appropriately ended the evening, and they were an absolute delight. I love everything about them. On Facebook they describe themselves as: “Ska-Punk/Wrasslin-Core band from Parts Unknown. Stomping mud holes and skankin ’em dry.” SOLD. The masks were so cool but their music was even cooler. They slayed Sabbath and they literally got the people crowd surfing. There was absolutely no room for such poppycock, but they did it anyway!

I want to also mention that we had amazing Pittsburgh artist, Ryan O’Laughlin, do a spacey-roboty-sexy poster for the event. This guy is such an advocate for other creative individuals. He is so talented, yet uses it to uplift others so much. He inspires me. If you missed out on a poster and would like one, I’d imagine he could work a deal with you.

I genuinely had one of the best nights I’ve ever had. I know anyone reading this who wasn’t able to go is very sad right now but FEAR NOT! Round 2 goes down Friday, 10/28 – and this time the theme is Warped Tour! This is a lineup you’re not gonna want to miss:

FUBAR as Sublime

Lunkheads as MXPX

Understatement as NOFX

The Jerks as Decedents 

Thunder Vest as The Dwarves

Children of October as The Offspring

Lylyth as Joan Jett and the Blackhearts

Johnny and the Razorblades as Taking Back Sunday

So get out to round two, and in the meantime please relive the experience of round one with these amazing shots by Bill Domiano!