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“Guide The Way” with “Speaking In Tongues”!

   “Speaking In Tongues” is another one of my personal favorite’s in the local game. A great group of young guys, just out there to have fun and share some of their art with the world! These guys have some great shows coming up soon, i’ll have those listed below. You may remember the artical I wrote about “Forsaken By Society” opening for “Sworn In”, “Revenge Season”, as well as a handful of other great local talent. “Speaking In Tongues” was one of the other great locals to share the stage that day as well.

   You can check out a live video of their song “Guide The Way” by clicking here. I had so much fun at this show, and you better believe I was part of the chaos on the floor!      

   Every time I see these guys, vocalist Ben Archibald tells the crowd to split in half to form what the metal community calls a “wall of death”. Even though there wasn’t very many people, we still had a hell of a time! Half way through the set they wanted everyone to do a circle pit, wasn’t as easy with a small crowd, but that won’t stop us! Once again, you can find the video by clicking here.

   Another big shout out to Chuck Sweeney, this man is wonderful at capturing these moments on film, thanks once again for this great video, Chuck! We love you!

   You can catch these guys at the following:

June 24th: “The Sounds Of Summer Festival” at The Rex Theater

June 30th: with “Secrets”, “Nullity”, and “Ivory Coast”, at The Smiling Moose

July 1st: Sam Bloom’s free summer jam, at The Ice Mine

July 14th: Once again at The Smiling Moose.


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