Music ReviewsGolden Blood – Cum, Coke and Blasphemy

Erik CaplanMarch 26, 2020
Golden Blood
Cum, Coke and Blasphemy
Witching Hour Productions

One-person music project offerings can often fall short of a compelling listen, lacking the push-pull dynamic of a group collaboration, but Erech Leleth’s Golden Blood possesses a sense of musical interaction belying its singular source. The Polish artist’s debut four-song EP, Cum, Coke and Blasphemy, on Witching Hour Productions, dashes sure-footedly into the punk/thrash arena with a vengeance. The title track hits like old-school blackened metal with a gutter, crust attitude of nihilism and fury. Everything is on point, from the galloping guitars to the precise drumming. It’s all there, and it sounds like a band, and that is a real accomplishment for a one-person project.

The real stand-out here is Leleth’s spitty, coarse vocal performance, bringing to mind Venom, Toxic Holocaust or Speedwolf. It’s certainly possible to imagine this material performed in a live setting, and while Golden Blood works as a solo endeavor, the potential for its expansion with the addition of more musicians would have appeal.