GHUPodcastsGod Hates Unicorns with Sarah Halter

Jess ZoricNovember 6, 2022

And we’re back with another amazing episode of Bands and Artists we Like and Support that Aren’t as Good as GHU! Here with us we have today, we have the unbelievably talented musician and one-person powerhouse, Sarah Halter!

We’re talking about HOW one person can make SO MANY kinds of noises. It’s truly remarkable. They are currently finishing up a new EP to come out early next year (and are signed to Sparrow Hearts Records for it, which is so awesome).

As so often happens, the conversation somehow completely derailed, and things got wild. DID Jess manage to make it to the end without dying? DID Joshua ever find out what a halter top is? DID Sarah willingly sit through a full half hour of this madness?

Check out the interview to find out, and check out all things Sarah Halter here 👇

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