GHUPodcastsGod Hates Unicorns with Brave New World

Jess ZoricJanuary 29, 2023

And we’re back with another fantastic round of Bands and Artists we Like and Support that Aren’t as Good as GHU! Here with us today, we’re talking to Curtis from a truly next level band, Brave New World!

Their newest release, Catharsis, is coming very soon (February 4th or 6th. Don’t panic. We will find out together). This piece is a work of art. It’s beautiful, profound, devastating, and uplifting. It’s one of the most special things I’ve heard in a while.

And if you don’t care about hearing about the music, still join us for the Lasagna Cat chat. 😽

So check out the interview, and check out Brave New World here 👇

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