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PIG was one of the first names to drag me into the gritty world of industrial rock when I was figuring out my mid-adolescent self in the mid 1990’s.  The Lord of Lard, or Raymond Watts as he’s christened here on Earth, began his long and illustrious career working with the likes of KMFDM, Foetus, and Psychic TV, before creating PIG and forging his ultimate creative expression.

Since the release of comeback albumThe Gospel” in 2016, the God of Gammon has been firing on all cylinders. His most recent album, “Pain is God”, is one of his finest hours and he’s since dropped two different remix compilations allowing other industrial terrorists to have their way with his sinful and sensational compositions. Most recently, the new “Drugged, Dangerous and Damned EP” boasts some fine reworkings of the track of the same name, and several others off of Pain is God”Jagz Kooner’s remix of the title track starts off proceedings and it’s deceptively tame and even “disco” for a PIG release, but is fun nevertheless.  The “Night Club Remix of Rock n Roll Refugee” pumps the tempo and volume up slightly, and the mighty Die Krupps turn Seed of Evil into a slab of their signature “machine metal”.  Standouts include Filter’s remix of “Mobocracy”, successfully fusing the DNA’s of both projects as well as Youth Code’s reworking of “Pain is God”, in which vocalist Sarah Taylor hops on the microphone with Raymond Watts to create not so much a remix, but a full on collaboration and re-working that calls to mind what Nine Inch Nails did with David Bowie’s “I’m Afraid of Americans”.

Remix releases can be tricky business, and exercises in “who’s who”-scenester mentality.  Thankfully, PIG has always strayed away from this nonsense, as you can find a plethora of killer remix compilations throughout it’s vast discography.

Drugged, Dangerous, and Damned is out now on Armelyte Industries.  Check out the music video for the Jagz Kooner Remix here below!

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