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Patrick McElravy2 years ago5803 min

Sometimes in order to find the beauty in something you need to strip away the glitz and glam and break it down to bare bones. When doing this you find all the imperfections and the true face value of something for what it really is. Mckeesport rockabilly grunge act Garage Space offer us just that on their latest offering of tunes.

Garage Space” is a melding pot of different styles and genres formed together to create a unique sound. Take the 90’s grunge of Mudhoney or Nirvana, the indie grit of Modest Mouse, and the surf rock attitude of The Butthole Surfers and you got a pretty good formula of what Garage Space has to offer. Raw, unhinged, and passionate is the best way to describe this album. The album is far from perfect and that is one of it’s best qualities. No studio edits, no auto tune, just a group of musicians who wrote music they are passionate about and hit the record button and played their hearts out.

The track “Smack Horse” is a great place to start if you want to get down to what Garage Space is all about. Southern twang with punk rock attitude fuels the track as the band fires away at a blistering pace. “Jennifer” offers us a ballad of sorts. With the vocals’ quivering vibrato, emotional yelping, and slowed down pace…. the track is another stand out within it’s catchy indie flare.

If you like your music raw, stripped down, and with attitude I highly suggest Garage Space’s self titled album. Be sure to catch these guys at a show near you and pick up a copy of their album today.

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