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As much as I would love to tell you that I woke up one fateful day last week and thought to myself, “You know what the world needs?  A Grindcore song about guys who talk a lot of noise on the phone but are never as tough in person”, I can’t tell you that.  I didn’t have that idea.  But thankfully, Ammo Boom and Gomorrahizer did!

The live video doesn’t lie.  “Biblical Ninjutsu Grind Punx”, Gomorrahizer (taken directly from their Facebook Page )  are merely two people, at least live.   While Ammo Boom provides lightning-quick drumming and vocals, Bass is handled by Zilla (or Zee), while session player Matthew Brown handles guitar duties on studio recordings. Matthew’s duties as a music teacher and owner of Whole Note Music Academy keep him from being able to tour, so  Ammo then takes those tracks, sets them to a click, and along with Zee, plays along with them for live shows.  May be an image of 1 person, playing a musical instrument, standing and indoor

Their recent EP, “MMXX: Knee Deep in Poutine” contains the above live cut of “Telephone Tough Guy”  as well as three studio-recorded blasts of classic, humorous, disgusting, and technically proficient Grindcore.  True to the genre’s roots, production is sparse, with emphasis on performances and elbow grease.  “Lady Gah Gah Gah Gah Gah” owes much to genre forefathers Napalm Death.  “CEO’s of Gomorrah”  makes good on the band’s claimed love for Mortician.

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My personal favorite, and the catchiest of the bunch, is “Mortiferous Augur Dissimenation Apparatus.” The second track on the EP sports a groove not found on the other tracks, and hints at Gomorrahizer’s ability to do far more than we’ve seen so far.

Started in 2010, the band took a long hiatus before returning in recent years.  In that regard, the project isn’t necessarily young, but they’re just getting started.  The spirit of experimental and humorous extreme music lives heartily in these recordings, and their Spotify and Youtube pages boast plenty more where that came from.  With influences as diverse as Dying Fetus to Alice in Chains, who knows what Ammo and Zilla will have for us next?

Gomorrahizer are currently in the studio working on a full length album.  You can catch them at SUB Alpine Society in Pittsburgh on October 16th! 

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