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Craig FerryJuly 2, 2021
Fuse Rock Band

This past Friday I was asked to shoot my second show of the season.  I love that things are opening back up and music is everywhere.   So I made the trip to the Ebensburg Bikefest to cover the Fuse rock band.

The Bikefest was at the fairgrounds and since I wasn’t riding a bike I had to park outside the fairgrounds.  But the folks at the gate gave me a ride to the “stage”, a flatbed trailer.  Then during load in the band discovered that they had no electricity, as there was an issue with the electrical box.  Never fear though as again the crew that was running the festival had an electrician on staff that had power restored in time for the show.  I wanted to mention this because as show goers we often don’t see all the people who work behind the scenes to make the show go on.   And this isn’t talking about the band setting up.   So before I start, my hats off to the staff at the bikefest, you guys and ladies are awesome!  Now back to the show.

The Fuse band was very busy before last Friday night’s show.  They had a show Thursday night and one Friday afternoon prior to this show.  But you definitely could not tell by their energy levels.  They had a three-hour set and they kept rocking it to the end.   While I love bands that do original music I am also a fan of cover bands.  After all where else can you hear music from multiple bands you love like BTO, Rush and Van Halen all in one night on one stage?  I don’t think I heard two songs from the same band all night, they really know how to mix it up.

One thing I look for is the crowd reaction to bands.  Sometimes I will see artists who are “background noise” while people are eating or drinking.  And that’s cool because generally that’s what you’re there for.  But that’s not what the Fuse band was there for, they were there to rock.  And the crowd last night was there to rock with them.  There was plenty of dancing to the music and cheering between songs.  The crowd and the band were totally into the music.

The Fuse band has been together for a couple years with a couple changes.  Their new bass player Rick Hartman, who I first met when he performed with The House Band, introduced me to them.  They are from and perform most of their shows in the Cambria county general area.  They are made up of a lead singer, lead guitarist, bass player and drummer. Obviously all gifted enough to cover all the music that night.  Apparently I am not the only one to think so as they are rapidly filling up their calendar with shows and have quite a few weekends booked between now and late fall.

So if you are looking for a trip down memory lane, have a venue or are hosting an event, the Fuse rock band should be on your list.  They have a great set list and know how to entertain the crowd.