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Cody Howard3 months ago1396 min

What do you get if you mix the slight vocals of Smashing Pumpkins and the chaotic art noise from Cage the Elephant?
If you said Friendo then you would be correct! Friendo is a punk band based out of Philadelphia/New Jersey. Putting out their self-titled album in May of 2019, Friendo brings a full range of chaos and and a whirlwind of emotions to your ears.

Friendo is like your modern-day garage band, something that you don’t see anymore.
Their production value is not top-tier but it isn’t the worst thing in the world. There’s something about them that is a chaotic beauty of things old and new coming together. If this band keeps working at it they can come up with something truly amazing, I can tell by just listening to this project that they released. Sometimes the vocals can be a little hard to hear while they’re being buried in the sound and mix, but other than that I think this album is pretty solid.

Opening with one of my favorite songs on the album called “Morgan Freeman (comes to life)”,
with other notable songs being “Drums”, “Good Record & “American Father”.
These are just some key tracks I loved that I recommend you check out.

“Morgan Freeman (comes to life)” is a good opening song, starts with a slow build up that overtime becomes a wild tantrum of rhythm, calming down mid song before going off in some crazy fireworks of drums and screaming. I love it.

Speaking of drums, “Drums” is the next key song on here. This song is very Smashing Pumpkins and one of the more chill songs, all this person wants to do is play the damn drums! I can relate to this constant feeling of wanting to learn and work on music. The guitar solo is pretty sweet too for a song with the title “Drums”.

“Good Record” is one of the more sad songs, Very mellow type track. While the singer talks about being “Sober”, this song sounds like someone in a drunken stupor talking about their record being pretty good while they are still alive, I think this is ironic in a funny relatable way.

“American Father” is the final & most ambiguous song on the album, There is something about the lyrics I can feel is deep, but I can’t pin point 100%. If I had to guess, it could be about missing parents in some kid’s life. This song is a slow beautiful burn and I for sure will be learning the lyrics and singing along to this song for a while.

At the end of it all, “Friendo” is a pretty solid album for it being the band’s first from front to back. It has so many styles I feel are built into it and I hope this band comes out with more soon because I would love to hear them evolve. If you’re looking for some new music to try and open your pallet this is one you should look into.


Cody Howard

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