Forsaken By Society is set to “Self Destruct”

  • “Forsaken By Society” is at the top of their game right now! These Valley Boys have a few big name shows coming up! I’ll have these shows listed below. A few weeks ago, the Valley Boys opened for “Sworn In” and “Revenge Season”, with our brothers, “Speaking in Tongues”. Other local favorites “Nullity”, “Blair”, and “Flipswitch” came out to have fun too! This video from that show, is a small sample of what you could expect at a “Forsaken By Society” show. This video features the tracks “Forsaken” and “Self Destruct”, raw unrelenting agression from the start. I myself had a bit too much of the “raw unrelenting agression”, and punched the camera man about 26 seconds in…. Click here to watch

So! I’d like to give a big shout out to Chuck Sweeney for not only being a trooper and understanding it was an accident, and just part of the environment. I’d also like to give him a shout out for all the awesome content he brings to the scene!

Upcoming shows include:

June 29th, with my friends, “Shrouded in Neglect” and Swallowed Alive”. At The Union, in Benwood, WV.

July 1st, Free show with some of the local scenes best (will post a separate artical for this event), for Sam Bloom of Speaking in Tongues graduation show. Located at the Ice Mine in Connelsville PA.

July 21st, 814 Fest in Boswell PA

July 28th, with Sworn Enemy for their 15 year anniverary of “As Real As It Gets”, at Cattivo in Lawrenceville PA


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