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Rage1 year ago2798 min

     I wanted to write this review as something special. No it’s not just because I love these guys. It’s because I truly believe the world needs to hear this music. Its heavy, its got amazing deep meaning, it crushes, it’s the true definition of Hardcore. I was given this EP as a gift from the band themselves, but that does not at all affect my opinion.  Listen to the EP for free or check out their Bandcamp  page.

     Lets start this off with track one. “Forsaken” This track sets the tone of the entire band. They’re saying – Yes. We are the outcasts, we were the ones tossed aside for being who we are. We were forsaken by society, born into a world that hates us.

     Track 2: “Self Destruct” A personal favorite and staple to their live show. This song starts out with a build up from the guitars and drums, then vocalist Matt lets out this roar and its game on. This song is about hitting that point in your life where you’re just fed up, you’ve had it. My favorite parts are when guitarist Allan Trail gets on the mic for two parts, it’s aggressive. He says “Now I’m ready to self destruct, in a point in my life where I don’t give a fuck. Keep throwing those words into my face, you can’t stop me you’re all a waste!” and “You might want to step the fuck back, brothers to the end and we don’t turn our backs. If you don’t like what we have to say, then fuck you we’ll end your fucking day!” then the breakdown at the end. I love hearing it live and being able to chant SELF DESTRUCT along with them.

     Track 3: “Valley Boys” This is one I hold close to me. This one is about not only the band, but this song is about me, this song is about our friends, our family and our home. Matt truly is the voice of the valley. This track represents us perfectly. I’m in love with the line “I’ve got fire in my heart, the valley in my veins. I’ll rep the valley for the rest of my days. For the rest of my days, valley boys for the rest of my days”. Then “The mon valley is where we reign, a small community that went down the drain.  But for us, this is our home. The mon valley is all ill ever know”. The aggression this song brings as soon as those lines hit? Well, take a listen yourself. It’s nearly impossible not to bang your head the whole way through.

     Track 4: “Back Down” This track has a certain feel to it. A groove almost. The way it flows is just beautiful. It’s a story of these Valley boys banding together saying you can try to defeat us, but we’re here, and we stand as one. So back down. My favorite part is the line done once again by guitarist Allan Trail. “For every time ive been pushed aside for being who I am, my life is but mine to live. This is where I stand”

     Track 5: “Dead man”…. This is the final track on the EP but its far from a disappointment. As a veteran of The United States Marine Corps, vocalist Matt Micenko always dedicates this track to our service members, veterans and the men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice to protect our country. This song speaks for itself, so please take a listen.

     With this all being said, I would greatly recommend everyone take a listen to this EP. They are currently writing their first album “Hand over Fist”. I’ve already heard a small handful of songs off the new release and promise that if you enjoyed this EP, that Hand over Fist will be something you’ll fall in love with.

 – Rage




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