Event ReviewsForged in Steel Fest 2022

Anthony McDonoughSeptember 22, 2022

This past Saturday September 17th, chaos descended upon the Sub Alpine Society with the Forged in Steel Fest 2022. The best of the best metal bands in the Pittsburgh area and beyond came out and gave it their all, and if you missed it, well then you are going to wish you were there for what took place.

Horrid Ordeal
Photo credit; Josh Montedoro Photography

The night opened with Horrid Ordeal coming on stage and giving us their brand of thrash metal. Their motto is thrash until death, and that was exactly their intention for the audience. They played most of the favorites, including “Acid Babies”, and started the night on the right foot.

Victims of Contagion
Photo Credit: Josh Montedoro Photography

Victims of Contagion took the stage after that and left everyone breathless with their brand of tech metal. Everyone was moving and enjoying what they had to offer. I was pretty impressed as this was my first time seeing them live, and their set left everyone hungry for more to come throughout the evening.

Corpse God
Photo Credit: Josh Montedoro Photography

Everyone barely had time to recover as Corpse God came out next, and absolutely brought the carnage with brutal death metal. Everyone was moshing to their set, including myself. I will say they brought their A-game, and left a mark that would not be removed anytime soon from any metal fan’s heart.

Terminal Sanity
Photo Credit: Josh Montedoro Photography

Rising out of the fog like a titan, Terminal Sanity was the next to come onto the stage, and holy crap. These guys were absolutely brutal, and were a whole different breed. This was another first time for me, and they really cemented me as fan after their performance.

Photo Credit: Josh Montedoro Photography

Lastly, those gorehounds Leprosy came out and they had a little surprise before they got started. They announced the new edition to the band The Master Shredder Steve Whooler. He fit them like a glove with his impressive guitar work. If anyone has been to a Leprosy show before, you know to expect bodies on the floor and mass destruction. Which is pretty much what happened. The sound guys equipment got nearly taken out, and there was people just thriving in absolute mayhem. I was surprised there was still a stage left after the night was over.

For me, this was a night that was much needed. I enjoyed every moment of the metal that left me battered and bruised. My heart was happy, and all the bands just brought everything they had. They intended to leave no survivors, and they succeeded in that endeavor.

The next event coming to the Sub Alpine will be Greaser Fest on Saturday October 1st. There will be a pin-up/greaser competition with performances from Whiskey Daredevils, Kookie Kutterz, Low Life Drifters, One Revived, Thirteen Bends, and The Yeggs. Doors open at 4pm, and admission is $15.

Thanks to Josh Montedoro Photography for all the sweet photos, check out his page for his other shots of shows around the area.

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