A Look at the LyricsA Look at the Lyrics – Conflict Cycle “Dark Days Ahead”

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On this weeks “A Look at the Lyrics” we give you an inside view to the meaning behind Conflict Cycle – Dark Days Ahead

“Dark Days Ahead is about the messed up political and social environment we currently live in. We are repeating similar mistakes made throughout history, like the whole tactic of “bread and circus” used by the Roman oligarchy to distract people from the ensuing collapse. Today, instead of bread and circus, we have sports, celebrities, a 24-hour “news” cycle, fast food dollar menus, etc., all keeping us from engaging with each other. Even our politicians are portrayed more like celebrities to be admired and rooted for rather than the civil servants they’re supposed to be. Then, when we do engage, we’re at each other’s throats, trying to pummel the other with our points of view. Most people are on one team or another, and it’s become a competition, a quest to simply “beat the other guy,” vice a unified search for betterment.

The music for the song was created quickly; on a total whim one day, I (Rick – vocals) decided to go buy a guitar and a cheap Crate amp and start messing around. A few months later, the music was born, and it quickly crystallized into a song. However, in sharp contrast to how rapidly the music developed, the lyrics took much longer to finalize. Draft after draft was created, only to be rewritten and scrapped. I knew I wanted to write a song about the overall state of social discord going on in the country, but I struggled to hit the cogency I aim for in my lyrics. The original chorus began, “Crushed under the thumb of the invisible hand, the master reduced to the slave,” which I really liked, but I just could not find an equally powerful second half to drive the point home. Eventually, I tossed the whole song out and started over, creating what would become the title track for our first full-length album.”

-Rick (Conflict Cycle)


Dire omens
Written clearly
In the blood of our fathers
Of the elders
We’ve neglected
Impending downfall
The disaster
Thus created
Headfirst into chaos
Inventing crises
Fueling outrage
Deep-seated aggression
Welcome to the dawn of a new dark age
A ritual of stepping on the rake
Welcome to the onset of austerity
Devastation for our posterity
Sound bites
Grand distraction
Sate the masses
More bread and circus
Chasing power
We give rise to demagogues
Corporate leaders
Private meetings
Just a little favor
Broken record
Nothing changes
We must look within
How many times must we scribe
The same tired tale on the pages of history
Can we break the cycle, reverse the paradigm
Or must we continue to suffer for all time
Whining, crying
We’re the ones to blame
Panic eruption
Breeding corruption
Always the fucking same
Shouting, fighting
Tempers rising
No respite for us all
Riots, upheaval
Contention primeval
Divided we shall fall

Reina Peli

Reina is a photographer for First Angel Media, is the official Rock For Life Concert Series photographer and dabbles in graphic design. When she's not out at a local show you can find her at home with her family and three dogs Curlie, Peso and Scarlet.

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