Find Your MUSE(ic)Find Your MUSE(ic): Video of the Week – Vetis

Vetis – Doomcore/Horror Metal

Location: West Virginia, USA

Video: “The Witch”


Vetis ended 2018 by releasing their new album The Invitation in December and… just wow. I recommend checking out the entire album because this is pretty remarkable. For their genre, they don’t let themselves become stuck in what is traditional. The Witch is a great video for your first introduction to this band. A single off the new album it takes you on a trip through beauty before dropping you off a ledge into the doomcore riffs, pounding beats and everything metalheads wanna hear! These gutterals are clean, you’re going to hear the lyrics. Giving the other album tracks a listen you find a mixture of vocals that would be appealing to a wide audience and this album is well produced. In fact, we liked Vetis so much you should keep an eye on our pages for a full album review this week! Keep an eye on this band in general because we know you’re gonna like it!

Check out their Youtube channel for more, but for now we’re pleased to bring you The Witch…

Jana Lee Macheca

Jana Lee Macheca (aka Lady Jaye) is the owner and editor of First Angel Media as well as professional photographer and writer. Having worked in national and local levels of music media her goal is to provide professional coverage for bands of all levels.

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