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Featured Video of the Week:

SIKES and the New Violence – Whatever I Want – Genre: Hip Hop

This week we’re deviating just a little bit… did you notice?

Yes, this is a hip hop video, more than likely the only one you’re going to see here. So, why would a company that brings you Rock and Metal do this? Probably because this particular artist has a huge tie-in to the Metal genre. SIKES is the lead vocalist for one of THE best Metal bands in the Pittsburgh area scene, Greywalker. Not limited to just one genre, he’s doing ‘whatever he wants’ to do – and doing it well. SIKES just released MODERN MODESTY this month, one of many full length albums and EP’s during his career. Along with tearing it up with his music, SIKES is rather well known for playing various roles in music. He helps put together the Brewtal Beerfest event each year, which is one of the top events Pittsburgh has for Metal, as well as his own Podcast Start the Beat with Sikes, and he works for Get Hip Records. Personally, I found that I liked hearing him heavy rap from a wicker porch swing just as much as seeing him on stage at a Greywalker show! I have a feeling you’re going to want to check out his music on Spotify and Bandcamp,  but until then… Check out his new video!!








Jana Lee Macheca

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