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Patrick McElravy9 months ago3932 min

#findyourmuse: Icons of Industry – “When the Sky Fell”

Icons of Industry from Austin, Texas show they are more than a force to be dealt with on their new video “When the Sky Fell“. The band rock like the better parts of Jet and The Black Keys during a bout of “Roid Rage”, and swag with the likes of Wolfmother and Queens of the Stone Age. The track hits hard with a simple, yet effective riff that strikes like a love child of Rage Against the Machine, setting the mood and groove of this rocking track. While this is all promising and engaging, it isn’t until singer/guitarist Roberto Montoya swoops in with his Robert Plant-laden howl that you really understand the strength of this band’s knack for pseudo-retro rock. With a strong message and conviction in their delivery, I think it’s safe to say Icons of Industry are here to stick around for awhile, and my battered and beaten soul more than welcomes their company.

Patrick McElravy

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