Find Your MUSE(ic)Find your Muse(ic): Video of the Week – Homo Macabrus “Extinction Of Mankind”

After last week’s round with Chip & the Charge Ups, we’re returning to smack you in the mouth with more heavy music. This week’s Find your Muse(ic) featured video brings about a couple of firsts. Homo Macabrus gets the distinction of being the first band from Greece that we have highlighted on First Angel Media, and this is my first time authoring a Find your Muse(ic) Feature. So please bear with me, while I gather in some help from Patrick McElravy of 9 Stitch Method, who had this to say:

“Homo Macabrus is a collaborative brutal Death Metal Project hailing from Greece. The thing that is cool is that their songs feature different vocalists from around the globe. They go right in line with bands like Signs of the Swarm, The Breathing Process, and The Convalecance musically. Brutal slams, downtuned technical guitars, gutteral vocals and shrieks coupled with Dark nihilistic lyrics is the name of the game here.”

You can find Homo Macabrus at the following social media sites:

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