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Patrick McElravy5 months ago2962 min

#findyourmuse – Heartsick “Shadow”

Heartsick have dropped the brand spanking new video for their single “Shadow“, and boy is it a doozy. Featuring a dark industrial vibe, the track creeps and crawls with enough emotional anguish to wake the dead. Heavy, low tuned guitars crush and pound with rhythmic precision amongst the band’s electronic and ambient backdrop. It’s been done before, but man these guys hit the mark in all the right places with dynamic and atmosphere. The vocals are nothing short of impressive with their deranged and desperate yelp, showcasing just the right amount of melody to show their prowess among the distorted whimpers and screams. If you haven’t heard of Heartsick, I highly suggest you change that. “Shadow” is a great place to start and a testament as to why this band is on the rise in the world of metal…


Patrick McElravy

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