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Patrick McElravy8 months ago2592 min

This week’s Find Your Muse(ic) we present you with California one man power act Divine Era and his new video “Vanity of Vanities”. Divine Era offers us a dense slab of groove metal very akin to the likes of Pantera and Canadian metalcore act Threat Signal that will keep you rocking for days. The song features an almost proggy pull off/tapping riff that serves as the epicenter of the song while it’s thrashing chugs fill out the rest of the song. Vocally, Daisuke Wachi (The band’s brainchild) has a very impressive and brutal range, often times reminiscent of Threat Signal’s Jon Howard or Tim Williams of Vision of Disorder fame. For the video’s 5 minute duration, Divine Era takes you on an adrenaline fueled ride of distraught and intense vocal antics, off beat Groove and Thrash metal, along with a dash of technicality thrown in for good measure. Be sure to catch Wachi on tour as he comes to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at the Sub Alpine Society with Psalms of Silence, 9 Stitch Method, and Truly Alive on October 9th.

You’re in for a treat! Divine Era is a wrecking ball and force to be reckoned with….


Patrick McElravy

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