Find Your MUSE(ic)Find Your MUSE(ic): Video of the Week – Bastion’s Wake “Claudia”

Patrick McElravy1 year ago4772 min

This week on Find Your Muse(ic) we take a look at the song “Claudia” by Delaware’s seafaring beast Bastion’s Wake. Featuring chunky dropped tuned alt metal, enriched guitar melodies, and symphonic elements…it is a welcome change of pace in the world of metal we have today. What will catch the ear most about “Claudia” is the intense harmonious vocals featured in the track. The vocals act almost as another instrument as beautiful 3 part harmonies soar and resound as anguished vocals mourn and croon. “Claudia” is a beautiful and emotionally heavy tune that will have you rocking and racing for the replay button and wanting more. Be sure to check out Bastion’s Wake and get you or hands on their album “Sea Creatures and Sky Pirates” today!


Patrick McElravy

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