Find Your MUSE(ic)Find Your MUSE(ic) – FAM Exclusive! – “Peace of Mind” by Andy Oddo

Patrick McElravy6 months ago2814 min

We have a very special Find Your Muse(ic) this week over here at FAM. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania based guitarist Andy Oddo has been rather busy as of late and well…..everywhere to be frank. Having recently joined local Alternative Metal titans Transcendance and with his other project Victoria Fire picking up steam rather quickly, it goes without saying the music is just flowing from the man. While all of this is excellent (and believe me it is), today we focus our attention involving Mr. Oddo elsewhere. Today we are proud to premiere the debut music video “Peace of Mind” from Andy’s debut EP Forever And A Day.

“Peace of Mind” serves as a beautiful and emotional piece of modern Post Grunge that cascades with tremendous ebb and flow, as well as excellent dynamics. Despite its 6-minute run time, “Peace of Mind” uses its time wisely as it navigates the listener throughout the caverns of introspection with its layered textures and instrumental grandeur. Beautiful, picked minor chords resound as luscious lead guitars swell over the course of “Peace of Mind”. This is further enhanced by the stellar vocal performance of Nick Figley, with his Jerry Cantrell/Aaron Lewis timbre. Displaying a keen sense of melody with beautiful, three-part harmonies, Figley more than proves his salt here, adding a great sense of emotional tact and skill on top of the foundation laid by Oddo musically. The guitars and vocals in the outro are well worth the wait, bringing everything to an amazing close as Oddo and Figley create some of the best and genuine Alternative Rock I’ve heard in quite sometime.

Be sure to check out “Peace of Mind” and download yourself a copy of his EP Forever And A Day for free on his bandcamp. If 14 Shades of Grey era Staind and Alice in Chains happen to make your liver quiver, I promise you will not be disappointed. Check out Nick Figley in his band Iravera and, you can catch Andy Oddo in action with Victoria Fire March 28th at Brandy’s Inn as well as with Transcendence at the Crafthouse Bar and Grill opening up for 10 Years April , 25th!

Patrick McElravy

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