A Look at the LyricsThe Anxious Hearts “Sadness” – A Look at the Lyrics

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On this weeks “A Look at the Lyrics” we give you an inside view to the meaning behind The Anxious HeartsSadness“.

“The story behind this song is that Jordan, the founder, guitarist, and singer originally wrote it with his ex wife about a troubled relationship. Originally the main lyrics were written from Jessica with the wife’s perspective and focused on feeling sad from a fight and feeling like she does everything wrong. The rap was supposed to be the turn around in perspective and Jessica was to rap it. However, as fate would have it Jessica developed a drinking problem, cheated, and put Jordan through a lot of hell. So, Jordan rewrote some of the words and took on the vocals himself from the perspective of a man whose wife really was “always bad” and caused him so much sadness.” – Written by members of the Anxious Hearts.

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