M.U.S.E.UncategorizedFind Your MUSE: WoR – Caged(Official Video)

Anthony McDonoughOctober 16, 2020

I first heard of WoR when they were interviewed for a podcast called Uncovering the Underground. They played a few tracks during the podcast and it was enough to know these guys had something special. These guys mean business, they have positive messages to spread, and their video for “Caged” helps to present that perfectly.

It also helps continue the theme from last week of spreading the spooky Halloween spirit, plus gorehounds and horror fans will appreciate the visuals as well. The video features a woman who is bound and gagged who is able to escape her bindings, and she faces off against three masked assailants. Meanwhile the music track plays in the background, something that is raw, fierce abd pummeling. The theme here is more or less is about a caged animal fighting back, and you will be headbanging along as you follow her journey to its very gruesome end.

Both metal and horror fans will find something to enjoy here. It is a very awesome well produced video with much left to the interpretation of the viewer. WoR also has an album they just released called Prisoners, which you can find on their official website.



You can also hear more from WoR on their official site, Facebook, and Youtube!!