M.U.S.E.Find Your MUSE: We’re Wolves – Titanium

Anthony McDonoughDecember 2, 2022

We’re Wolves is a dark-humored, horror-loving group blending metal sub-genres and hard rock hailing from West Palm Beach, Florida and they are premiering a new video today for their newest single “Titanium”

This song will slap you right in the face from the beginning with it’s intense riffs and vocals. It gets pretty intense the longer it goes on, and will have you stomping a hole in the ground. The video starts with a humorous outtake before it goes into showing the band performing, and it proves the band is serious when it comes to rocking, but they are’t afraid to have fun with what they do.

As to what the song is all about, here is what the lead vocalist AJ Diaferio had to say:

We are extremely proud and excited about this release. This song
really spoke to all of us, and we feel it’s the best representation of
the past 6 years of our career in crafting this sound. This is only the
beginning of what we have in store for all of you. Here’s to the next
chapter of We’re Wolves.

if this is indication, the next chapter looks to be fierce as hell. Metalheads far and wide will enjoy this one, and I had no problem banging my head with joy!

If you want to stream or add the song to your playlist, you can do so here!

You can check out more from We’re Wolves via Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter.