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Find Your MUSE: Tragic Impulse – Oubliette(Official Music Video)

Tragic Impulse are an electro industrial duo from Pittsburgh, PA, and they recently released the video for their new single “Oubliette”.

There is a pulse pounding beat throughout the song, making it very easy to dance to. The lead singer has a vocal delivery that goes between singing and then raw screaming when it gets to the intense chorus. For those unfamiliar with the term, oubliette is a dungeon that which is only accessible from a hatch in a high ceiling. The prisoners were lowered into this dungeon, and left to starve to death and basically forgotten about. That matches the lyrical themes of the song of feeling trapped and isolated from the rest of the world. You just want to get out, but for reason, you can’t. I’m sure during the Covid lockdown we all felt this way or this can apply to various other situations as well. The video shows the band performing interposed with images of dark caverns. As a long time fan of the band’s music as well as being a fan of industrial music as a whole, I enjoyed this song. For those who enjoy the goth/industrial vibe, this will hit the mark for you.

The single comes from the new album Distant Worlds released by Distortion Productions and you can purchase that here.

Tragic Impulse will also be a part of the Distortion Productions 200th Show Spectacular that will take place on July 22nd. Tickets are available for that show, and for details, check out the event page.

You can check out more from Tragic Impulse via their official website, Bandcamp, Spotify, Youtube, and Twitter.