M.U.S.E.Find Your MUSE: Thomas Crane – Monsters Walk Among Us(Official Music Video)

Anthony McDonoughOctober 15, 2021

Meet Thomas Crane. He has been known for directing countless music videos, working with bands such as Saliva and Kamelot, and he is the founder of KillDevil Films. Today he premieres his first music release since 2019 called “Monsters Walk Amongst Us”

A firm belief of mine is that our fellow man can be worse monsters than the ones we tend to find in horror movies, and that is something Thomas Crane expertly displays in the music video. You can see his talent of being a film producer here as he portrays a serial killer called the Gemini Killer. Clad in black, a bit flamboyant, and loving the limelight, he sings about murder and death, and how everyone loves him for it. It is meant to have a message of how media and the world as a whole sensationalizes murderers and killers. Some of the worst killers to exist have committed heinous acts, yet we love them for it. We go so far as to worship them. And they are just your average person, someone you would never suspect. The beat of the song itself is catchy, full of creepy keyboard sounds. The best way to describe the music is to imagine if you mixed Ice Nine Kills with Rob Zombie. I really dug it, and if you like those bands that embrace horror, then you will enjoy too.

If you like what you heard, you can check out more from Thomas Crane via his official KillDevil website. You can also check him out on Facebook and Youtube.