Find Your MUSE(ic)Find Your MUSE: The Long Losts – “The End That Calls Us Home”

Anthony McDonough1 month ago1142 min

Very excited as we are able to feature a video from The Long Losts of their song “The End That Calls Us Home”.

I think timing is everything and this couldn’t be a more perfect time to feature this video. With everything in the world being in turmoil right now, I think this helps send a message that we are all together in this journey to find what we want to call home. If we all support each other, be the voices for each other, we can all make it there. And this song says it all perfectly. Let us all unite, not let ourselves be divided. All things must end, and the only way to get there is as one.

Be sure the check out The Long Losts at their official site and take a look at their YouTube to see their other stuff they released

Anthony McDonough

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