M.U.S.E.Find Your MUSE: The Long Losts – Back In The Dark With You(Official Music Video)

Anthony McDonoughDecember 3, 2021

Our favorite goth rock duo The Long Losts are back with their latest spooktacular single “Back In the Dark With You”.

The song itself is a treat as it has a catchy rhythm that will get you snapping your fingers as you dance away. Once the guitars kick in, the song takes off as the vocalist Anka belts lyrics about lovers who just cannot wait to be together in darkness. The Long Losts are a husband and wife duo and you can see that in their performances. Their love pours into their song and videos, and I am just here for it as it makes their music so enjoyable to listen to. The video itself plays our like a paranormal found footage movie as the duo have fun spooking up the place. There’s a reason why I always flock to anything that they release, and I have a feeling for those who enjoy the gothic side of thing that you will eat it right up.

The single comes from their latest release At This Late Hour and you can purchase that here.

You can check out more from The Long Losts via their official website, Bandcamp, Twitter, Youtube, and Spotify.