M.U.S.E.Find Your MUSE: The Coursing – The Fatal Hour

Anthony McDonoughNovember 4, 2022

The Coursing is a nu-metalcore band from North Carolina, and they recently released a single called “The Fatal Hour”.

After the lead-in full of discordant melodies and heavy riffs, the song goes hard with intense vocalizations and extreme guitar work with pummeling drum beats. This is a song that makes it easy to bang your head to and throw your fist in the air. The video captures the band performing the song and taking their aggression out. Metalheads should really enjoy this one, and I found it very much to my liking.

They are aiming to work on a full length album sometime in 2023.

You can check out more from The Coursing via their official website, Spotify, Youtube, and Instagram.