Anthony McDonoughJanuary 14, 2022

Sometimes, all we want is to be heard. Despite the world trying to drown us out, ignoring our voice, and just casting us aside, we just keep speaking until we are heard. That is the message in the pummeling single from TERRORBYTE called “SATELLITE INTEFERENCE“.

The song is dripping with venom with dark aggrotech beats, leading to extreme riffs that kick in with the chorus. We watch as the masked members of the band perform, and the song leaves us with the message of not stopping until you hear us. The whole experience had me pumped because I could relate so hard with the message of the song. Plus, it hit all the right notes with the flow and in your face style.

If you enjoyed what you heard, you should check out the rest of the album that this song comes from. The album is called CRIMEWAVE, and you can listen/purchase that here. It is pretty intense, so if you are a fan of industrial or aggrotech, I highly recommend it.

You can check out more from TERRORBYTE via Bandcamp, Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music, and Facebook.