M.U.S.E.Find Your MUSE: SKYND – John Wayne Gacy

Anthony McDonoughSeptember 16, 2022

SKYND has returned with their next entry in the true crime music series called “John Wayne Gacy”. As is the norm with all their music so far, it is a deep dive into the mind of the infamous serial killer.

Because of the subject matter, SKYND’s music is dark, but this one is especially dark and disturbing. There is a quiet menace lurking behind it all, as the beats go from disturbingly playful tones to intense guitar work. The lead vocalist plays the role of the ringmaster of this demented circus and her vocals add to framework of the song. There is also visuals of man playing the role of John Wayne Gacy as he paints himself as a clown and it is something to say the least. In all, this song leaned into the horror of his crimes, and I would say it is the most darkest work yet to come from this band. Those who enjoy true crime, and electro-industrial music will enjoy this latest release.

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