Find Your MUSE(ic)Find Your MUSE: Seethe – “Anywhere But Here”

Anthony McDonough2 months ago1101 min

Check out “Anywhere but Here” the latest from Seethe, the side project of Patrick McElravy of 9 Stitch Method. If you like bands such as Marilyn Manson or AWOLNATION then you will love this!!

The song itself is primal but primal with a beat to it. While watching I found myself nodding my head not only to the rhythm of the music, but to the lyrics as well, as they relate to the need to escape, especially with the shutdown and everything going on

You can find Seethe on their official Facebook page and be sure to follow it for when they roll out new music! “Anywhere but Here” is only the beginning!

SEETHE–Anywhere But Here (prod. COLE THE KING)

Anywhere But Here (prod. COLE THE KING)Lyrics and vocals written, recorded, and performed by Patrick McElravy Mixed and mastered by Gus Wallner Lyric video made by Cody Howard (Demo Demon)

Posted by Seethe on Friday, May 1, 2020

Anthony McDonough

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