M.U.S.E.Find Your MUSE: Scarlett O’Hara – Witching Hour(Official Music Video)

Anthony McDonoughAugust 5, 2022

Get ready to witchy with Scarlett O’Hara with their latest release “Witching Hour”.

After a haunting start, the song gets heavy and loud with heavy metal sound with a combination of melodic vocals that gets intense during the chorus. Everything flows together to create a in your face bombastic hit. As far as the theme of the song, here is what the lead singer Moses Lopez had to say:

The instrumentals for Witching Hour have a gothic rock vibe and so when I was writing the lyrics, I
thought to myself – what if I made this about a ghost that I can see, but nobody else is willing to
believe me about it? The line “I drown out the noises by swallowing poison” made me think about a
common saying of “they probably forgot to take their meds today” as a way of calling somebody
insane. Some people find comfort in drugs or other toxic outlets to make themselves feel sane or
mentally exit their suffering. I wrote this song about a metaphorical ghost haunting someone and they
are going through feelings of numbness, craziness, and loneliness since no one believes their story.

That’s some pretty deep stuff being explored there and the video is a visual art of those same themes. This song hit all the right notes for me, and I am very sure it will meet your fancy as well.

You can check out more from Scarlett O’Hara via their official website, Spotify, Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram.