M.U.S.E.Find Your MUSE: Sam Astaroth & KRMNL – Fxck It Up

Anthony McDonoughSeptember 30, 2022

Showing just how genre-fluid he is, Sam Astaroth released his latest banger with collaborator KRMNL called “Fxck It Up”.

Sam comes out like a lyrical machine gun in this one, growling and spitting out lines in rapid flow. The backing beat to this one matches his rhythm and what I would best describe as demonic drum and bass. It definitely gets you moving and ready to break your neck. The video shows him performing a song with a bat in his hand, and if you are wondering his intentions, he goes smashing things with wild abandon as the video ends. This is meant to be motivation to those who have ever felt not good enough, who were always told they would never make it. This is your chance to shine and just flip the script on them.

This song left me feeling very hype afterwards, and for those who just need that push, this is the song for you.

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If you want to hear more of what KRMNL is about, check him out on Facebook. Youtube, and Spotify.

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  • Sam Astaroth

    September 30, 2022 at 11:37 am

    Yooo this is SUCH a sick review Anthony! Thanks so much for getting this out on release day brother. Hell ya to DEMONIC DRUM & BASS

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