M.U.S.E.Find Your MUSE – Ren – Hi Ren

Anthony McDonoughMarch 24, 2023

The other day I get a message in my inbox to check out this artist named Ren and pointed me to listen to his latest single “Hi Ren”. The words used to describe was how mind blowing it was and it is beyond anything done before. With words like that, I knew it was worth checking into. And yeah, mind blowing does not even begin to describe it.

The song is an over 9 minute opus full of varying musical and vocal styles. The song ranges from energetic to soft and quiet and then back to being energetic again. There is a lot of heart and emotion on display here. The lyrics are intelligent and we see a man who is in battle with himself. The video starts with the artist entering the room in a hospital gown sitting in a wheelchair. As the song starts we see him put himself into the performance. We are witnessing a soul being poured out just to so this could become a fruition. The flickering lamps in the room were a nice touch, suggesting the force of nature on display here. Grab some tissues becoming after the song ends, he is has one more message to give and its going to punch you in the gut.

Safe to say, I enjoyed this and I am seeing it catching on. This is a bandwagon I am glad to be on, and I can see more people joining once they witness the video. If you want to stream the song or add it to your playlist, you can do so here.

You can check out more from Ren via Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram.