Find Your MUSE(ic)Find Your MUSE: Pressure – What You See(Is What You Get)(Official Single)

Anthony McDonough2 weeks ago143 min

Very proud to premiere the newest single from melodic rock band Pressure, who hails all the way from Sweden and are represented by Sam Bone Productions. The video features the band having fun rocking our socks off interspersed with random clips of people on Zoom as they sing and dance along. A pretty fun tune that relays the message of how society perceives people for everyone to enjoy headbanging to.

They are pioneering what they are calling Story Metal, which is combining heavy metal with elements of melodic rock, with a lot of focus on vocals in way to convey a story within their songs, and what will eventually become an album, which will be released sometime late April, early May. So sounds like a way to get the listener drawn into the music in a way a reader would become engrossed into a book. I dig that as I am a fan of concept albums which sounds like what they are going for, just more of an involved process.


If you like what you heard from Pressure, and would like to know more about them, you can check out their official website, Youtube, and Twitter.

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