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Anthony McDonough1 month ago1032 min

Today, I thought I would feature this very fitting video from Panic Priest, something that hits home for all of us. Right now, we have all dealt with being separated from friends and family due to the Covid outbreak. We have all dealt with feelings of loneliness and isolation. And with the threat of another shutdown looming over heads, we are continuing to cope with these feelings

The video and song explores themes of separation and loneliness. This is unique in that it features clips of people that filmed themselves dancing within their own homes, which I really liked. The song itself is very touching and melancholic. Just a reminder that even though we may feel alone, we are never truly far apart.

You can check out Panic Priest on Facebook, Bandcamp, and Spotify

Panic Priest – Lonely City (Official Music Video)

The second single from dark crooner Panic Priest's new album: SECOND SEDUCTION. "Lonely City" is a melancholic synth-pop song that explores separation. The video was self-filmed by over 30 participants staying at home due to the Covid-19 outbreak. SECOND SEDUCTION is out now.Bandcamp via Negative Gain: https://bit.ly/3dNQxX4Spotify: https://spoti.fi/3fUuCz2Video produced by Jack ArmondoEdited by David GallLYRICS:walka million miles awaywhen you talkI don’t hear what you saywouldn’t let me into the state you’re inno difference to this town no sympathy foundin a lonely cityI can’t be aroundso safe and soundso safe and soundruna thousand times a daypretty onethey never let you stayIn the land of sinthere’s a dead leaf windno difference to this townyou’re refugee boundin a lonely cityI can’t be aroundso safe and soundso safe and soundno reverence to this crownno remedy foundno difference to this townyou’re refugee boundin a lonely cityI can’t be aroundit will tear you upbefore it tears you downheaven dreamsthat you’re safe and soundso safe and soundso safe and soundMUSIC CREDITS:Written by Jack ArmondoJack Armondo: Vocals, Guitar, Synth, Stylophone, Piano, ProgrammingToph McNeil: ProgrammingProduced and mixed by Brian Fox and Jack ArmondoMastered by Brian FoxC+P 2020 IN A FLASH (ASCAP)

Posted by Panic Priest on Monday, April 13, 2020

Anthony McDonough

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