M.U.S.E.Find Your MUSE: October Noir – Effigy(Official Music Video)

Anthony McDonoughOctober 29, 2021

As we near the 31st of Halloween, this is the perfect time to introduce October Noir. If you like bands such as Type O Negative and 69 Eyes, then you will love these guys. As their name suggests, they have a love for spooky and dark melodies, and they show that in their music video for their single “Effigy”.

The song is a brooding Halloween tale of love and death. The video shows a group of friends around the campfire, and as the song plays, we see a killer appear and take each one of them out. There is a plenty of horror easter eggs to catch as you watch the events unfold, and hope you don’t mind a helping of blood and gore along the way. Interspersed between the scenes is the band in full skull makeup riding in a classic Mustang. One thing you will also notice is this is a band that isn’t afraid to goof around. I definitely appreciated the song, as well as the video, and you even get a behind the scenes vignette at the end, Horror fans will enjoy, and if you like gothic rock songs, then you will love this as well.

The song comes from their full length album Fate, Wine, & Wisteria which is available on all platforms, and you can get a copy of that here.

You can check out more from October Noir on their official website, Bandcamp, Spotify, and Youtube.