M.U.S.E.Find Your MUSE: MAYA – Sangrando(Live Studio Video)

Anthony McDonoughJuly 16, 2021

San Jose hardcore band MAYA pulls no punches with their live studio video for their single “Sangrando”.

Under two minutes long, the song gets straight to the point with its ferocity, and including a breakdown at the end. The song itself is about protecting your blood, even shedding your blood if you have to. If you are fans of bands such as Hatebreed, then you will find much to love about this song. It is definitely something you will find yourself headbanging to as soon as it begins.

The single serves to give you a taste of their new EP Despierta which released yesterday via Shark City Recordings, and you can get a copy here.

You can discover more about MAYA by checking out their official website, Spotify, Youtube, and Twitter.

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