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Patrick McElravy6 months ago2124 min

Find Your Muse(ic): Video of the Week
Losing September – “Rise of the Loser”

Losing September at Rise of the Loser Fest
Losing September during their performance at Rise of the Loser Music Festival

Alternative metal heads and modern day pirates, Losing September, have recently dropped the video for their anthemic single “Rise of the Loser”. The title strikes a chord with the band, aptly sharing a name with their popular music festival held each year in Indiana and giving glory to bands that come from all over to join them. Coming in with big riffs and excellent drum work, the band keep things fresh with its crooned baritone vocals and catchy hook. Sounding much akin to bands like Burning Borders and Signs of Betrayal, Losing September have more than enough technical dexterity to wow and shock you, but opt to stay in the listener’s ears and keep it simple and catchy with the track’s infectious melodies. Lyrically the band take a look at the misfortune of the world around us and that we must stand together as a society and not be divided. The video itself keeps to this theme in a personal way. It seems to show friends falling by the wayside, separated by life, but the current of brotherhood and unity withstands. That’s a lesson we all need to learn: It’s never too late to unite, and where there once was love, there is still hope. It’s a refreshing take to hear and see something with an encouraging message considering the negativity we are surrounded with everyday. Then again, what else would you expect from a band built on a foundation of longevity and perseverance? Be sure to check out  Losing September today and join the mutiny!



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