M.U.S.E.Find Your MUSE: HYDROGYN – Damaged Goods(Official Video)

Reina PeliNovember 27, 2020

We all been in those situations of where we either been in toxic relationships or tried to escape them. Due to everything experienced, we are labeled by current or future partners as damaged goods just because people don’t want to connect or emphasize with what we are feeling. That is what the latest banger by HYDROGYN explores in their video for their single “Damaged Goods”. They explore what it is like to be in that position of not being understood and the pain experienced when trying to communicate with those who are supposed to love us. Instead they are victimized and made to feel unworthy due to being given this title of damaged goods. There is like this stigma that because one is damaged, that means they cannot be loved. It’s just an excuse to just keep mistreating someone, making them feel more and more less human. I think anyone who has ever been in that type of situation will connect very well with this song and the message it is giving.


If you liked what you heard, and want to hear more, they just released aj album called “Boiling Point” via RFL Records, and you can order that here!

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