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Find Your MUSE: Hemlock For Socrates – Around in Circles

There is magic within the music of Hemlock for Socrates, and just to show what that means, they released a video for their new single “Around in Circles”

The style of the music here is very swirly and magical in nature, and it has a gentle pristine touch to it. The vocals compliment the song very well with the addition of chimes in the mix. The video itself is pure white with crystals, views of walking in a stair case, and the male member of the band dressed entirely in white. It will gave a sense of purity, as if you where in a different universe where everything is just brighter. And I am sure that is the theme here as we find ourselves in repeated patterns and sometimes it feels like we are chasing our own tail. But once you escape that, you see things in a new light. I really enjoyed this one and it was a vibe.

The single comes from their latest album Cavern which you can purchase here.

You can check out more from Hemlock for Socrates via their official Bandcamp, Spotify, Youtube, and Instagram.