M.U.S.E.Find Your MUSE: HB The Grizzly – Manic Inside(Official Music Video)

Anthony McDonoughSeptember 10, 2021

Deep inside all of us, there lies that darker side, just waiting for the moment to come out. This is something that HB The Grizzly explores with her latest single “Manic Inside”.

Demonstrating her singing talents as well as her on point flows, HB The Grizzly takes a deep dive in this song that explores the struggle within ones own mind. The video, which was produced with the help of Rox-TV,  depicts her walking in different locals as she shows her emotional states that this song will emanate with the listener. The beats to this song are pretty banging, and this girl definitely has pipes. It is hard not to empathize with the subject matter of this song as all been there. Feeling washed up. Feeling worthless. Then we have to show our crazy side and everyone wonders why. All we want is to be heard, and no one wants to listen.

If you enjoyed what you heard, you should check out her new album Hibernate released via Shrunken Head Entertainment. You can cop yourself a copy here.

You can also catch her as part of the The Vengeance of S.H.E. Mini Tour, and she will be coming to Pittsburgh on September 27th. You can check out the event details here. It looks to be a packed killer show, so come out and get your wig blown back.

You can find out more about HB The Grizzly via Spotify, and her official Facebook.