Anthony McDonoughNovember 19, 2021

The third entry in the women of November comes from Pittsburgh female artist Hanna Bakarat with her single “Siren”.

The song flows just like the waves of the ocean, gentle, soothing, and it flows so well. The visuals of the video pop out with various colors as you watch her sing the tale of the Siren, calling out to the people in her thrall. You will be enthralled as well by how beautiful everything looks, and how well the song plays. With the combination of melodies as well as her storytelling ability with serious pipes, it is easy to see why she has gathered the fanbase she has. I was seriously impressed and I feel anyone that listens will be pulled in as well.

The single comes from her album also known as Siren and you can purchase that here.

You can check out more from Hanna Barakat via her official website, Spotify, Youtube, and Twitter.

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