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Anthony McDonough3 months ago332 min

We all find times we must forgive the ones we love, and ask for forgiveness in return. “Forgive Her” from Gods and Aliens explores to the very depths of what that means. The video displays togetherness and all the goodness we share with our fellow friends, romantic partners, and families. And it really says it best with the lyrics that go “Because the good things, Outweigh the bad things.”

So if you find yourself in times of strife, just listen to the words of this song. You found each other for a reason. You love each other for a reason. No reason to stay mad over simple misunderstandings or a flair up. I love this video and everything it stands for, and I know you all will too, especially during this pandemic we are still facing.

Check out more from Gods and Aliens on their Facebook or Youtube!

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