M.U.S.E.UncategorizedFind Your MUSE: Feast on the Fallen – Wastemoreland

Anthony McDonoughOctober 2, 2020

Picture this scene…a smoldering crater, smoke all around, and carcasses piled on top of each other. A foreboding feeling permeates your very soul as you realized you arrived in the one place you never wanted to be in. You’ve arrived in Feast on the Fallen’s “Wastemoreland”!!

A very brutal penetrating song that makes you feel the hopelessness that surrounds us. The lyrics scream out that you are worthless, and that could be very well how everything feels to us. The only thought we have is to lay waste to everything and burn it down, and this song speaks that to our very depths. Feast on the Fallen is here to make their presence not only known, but felt, and they accomplished that very well. You can find “Wastemoreland” on Bandcamp as well as all streaming platforms.


Their upcoming EP titled S.C.A drops on Friday October 30th at 5pm.


You can also check out more from Feast on the Fallen on Facebook, Youtube, and Spotify!